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    Red, white and you
    (Bill Kalina — bkalina@yorkdispatch.com)
    York's hall of fame voters, a breed apart

    For nearly 60 years, Sarah and Franklin Miller have dutifully turned out at the polls on Election Day to cast their ballots. Full Story
    (Bill Kalina — bkalina@yorkdispatch.com)
    Manufacturer: York Hospital warned of infection risk

    The manufacturer of a device linked to a rare bacterial infection in at least eight York Hospital patients claims it sent hospital owner WellSpan a letter warning of the risk a year before the health care system started to investigate and several months before the surgery of a man whose bacterial infection likely contributed to his death. Full Story
    The Good News
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    Cumberland County man to climb Roundtop mountain for 37th year

    A 62-year-old Cumberland County man will be climbing the Minuteman slope at Roundtop Mountain Resort on Saturday morning with more than 300 pounds on his shoulders — for the 37th year in a row. Full Story
    Nightclub shut down after event with live horse to reopen

    MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Florida nightclub that was shut down after a scantily clad woman rode bareback on a white horse through a crowd will be allowed to reopen. Full Story
    South Korean K-Pop singers to perform in North Korea

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea says it will send a 160-member artistic delegation to North Korea, including about 10 popular K-Pop singers. Full Story
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