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    Red, white and you
    (Bill Kalina — bkalina@yorkdispatch.com)
    York's hall of fame voters, a breed apart

    For nearly 60 years, Sarah and Franklin Miller have dutifully turned out at the polls on Election Day to cast their ballots. Full Story
    (Bill Kalina — bkalina@yorkdispatch.com)
    Manufacturer: York Hospital warned of infection risk

    The manufacturer of a device linked to a rare bacterial infection in at least eight York Hospital patients claims it sent hospital owner WellSpan a letter warning of the risk a year before the health care system started to investigate and several months before the surgery of a man whose bacterial infection likely contributed to his death. Full Story
    The Good News
    ( )
    Cumberland County man to climb Roundtop mountain for 37th year

    A 62-year-old Cumberland County man will be climbing the Minuteman slope at Roundtop Mountain Resort on Saturday morning with more than 300 pounds on his shoulders — for the 37th year in a row. Full Story
    Literary group sues Trump, alleges free speech stifling

    NEW YORK (AP) — A literary and human rights organization is suing President Donald Trump. The PEN American Center filed the suit Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan. Full Story
    'Edgy' haunted house suspends actors for mock rapes

    AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Complaints from visitors about being pushed onto a mattress where actors simulated raping them at an "edgy" haunted house in northeast Ohio has led to the suspension of the actors involved. Full Story
    Chance The Rapper goes undercover to raise money for arts

    CHICAGO (AP) — Chance the Rapper is so serious about raising money for arts education programs in Chicago that he took a second job as a Lyft driver to spread the word. Full Story
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