The York County District Attorney's Office has subpoenaed at least 137 witnesses in the past two months for the Lillie Belle Allen murder trial, although many of them may never appear in court.

In addition to the 137 subpoenas on record in the county courthouse, a prosecutor said another 150 or so were sent out just last week in advance of the trial, scheduled to begin with jury selection Sept. 23.

The witnesses

The following have been subpoenaed by prosecutors to appear as witnesses in the Lillie Belle Allen trial, scheduled to begin Sept. 23 in York County Common Pleas Court:

Stewart Aldinger, Steven Ambrose, Danny Beck, Wayne Banks, Clyde Bennett, Mike Berry, Kim Black, Henry John Blokzeyl, Michael Botterbush, Greg Bower, James P. Brown, Dr. Thomas Burkhart, Barry T. Claytor, Barry Collier, John Conway, William Charles Conway, Darvis Cox, William Dellinger, Joseph Diaczun, Hattie Dickson, Todd Dickson, Willard Dinges, Ron Dixon, Charles Dohn, John Duke, Mike Duke, Steve Eaton, Robert Eckenrode, Richard Eisensmith, Greg Everhart, Dr. Martin Fackler.

Charles Fidler, Gary Fink, Juan Fletcha, Fred Flickinger, James Frey, Michael Frey, Art Geiselman, Brenda Gladfelter, Chauncey C.


Gladfelter, Trooper Joseph Glasmire, Philip Grosklos, Steven Joseph Gunarich, Quay Hansford, Richard Hansford, Ronald Heist, Gary Holtzapple, Grant Ilgenfritz, Michael (Lungstrum) Ingram, Donald Jennings Jr., Darryl Kauffman, Thomas Keeney, William Kiehl, Roger Kinard, Gary King, K. William Kline, Joseph Kluyber, Rick L. Knouse.

Marvin Kohlbus, Clifton Kohler, Terry Kottmyer, James Kreidler, Douglas J. Leber, Dennis Geoffrey Leidig, William J. Leister, George E. Lindsay, William Linker, Dwayne Loucks, Clarence "Sonny" Lutzinger, Donald MacDonald, Harold Robert "Bob" Mann, Michael Marchowski, Kenneth Markle, Ray Markle, Benjamin Mathias, Dennis McMaster, Johnny Eugene Melton, Luis Mercado, Arthur Messermith, James Messersmith.

Dr. Isidore Mihalakis, Christine Minnich, Gary "Crow" Moffitt, Glen Mondy, Donald Eugene Mong, James Mummert, Chuck Myers, Frank Myers, Marie Myers, Robert Myers, Gregory H. Neff, Steve Noonan, Vicky Orwig, Larry Pflaum, Larry Reigle, Frank Reynolds, George Rhine, Steve Rinehart, Deb Ritter, Roger Ritter, William "Sam" Ritter, Eddy Roberts, Gerald Roberts, Charles H. Robertson.

Eugene Rodrick, Nelson Roth, John Edwin Rudisill, James Rummel, Daniel Ruppert, Randall Charles Schouck, Gary Sheaffer, Richard Shaffer, Ezra T. "Skip" Slick, Mike Sipe, Thomas Paul Smith, Toni Smith (subpoena since withdrawn), Gordon Snyder, James Spangler, Jimmy Spells, Anthony Stevens, Gloria Myers Stewart, Robert "Hump" Stoner, Ellis Stough, Taka Nii Sweeney, Debra Taylor.

Trooper Anthony Theirwackter, Michael Traettino, Manuel Vega, Russell Wantz, John Washington, Victoria Snavely Washington, David Welber, Greg Williams, Fred Wolf, William Wright, Ronald Zeager.

Being subpoenaed does not necessarily mean an individual will be called as a witness. Subpoenas for additional witnesses are believed to have been issued as well, but are not yet reflected in court records.

On the list so far are nine of the 10 men charged in the July 21, 1969, shooting death of Allen on North Newberry Street -- only Robert N. Messersmith was missing.

Called to appear are former members of the white youth gangs that banded together during the riots, forensics experts, former city and state police officers and ambulance personnel, people who lived on or near Newberry Street and Allen family members.

Tom Kelley, lead prosecutor in the case, said subpoenas were issued for anyone who even remotely might be needed as a witness, including those who may be called to the stand by the defense. 

Messersmith, Greg H. Neff and former York City Mayor Charles Robertson are charged with criminal homicide in the case. Six others have pleaded guilty and cut deals with prosecutors in exchange for testimony: William "Sam" Ritter, Clarence "Sonny" Lutzinger, Rick L. Knouse, Thomas P. Smith, Arthur N. Messersmith and Chauncey C. Gladfelter. A 10th defendant, Ezra T. Slick, is expected to go to trial next year.

Ambulance crew called: One of the witnesses, retired York City firefighter Larry Pflaum, said he and another man, Fred Wolf, responded in an ambulance to the murder scene. Pflaum said they found Allen alone on the street, already dead (although she was officially pronounced dead a short time later at York Hospital).

Police were some distance away from the body, Pflaum said.

"There was nobody there, that's all I can tell you," he said. "That's what I remember." Wolf has also been subpoenaed.

Neighbors, bystanders: Robert Myers, who in 1969 lived on Smyser Street a block or two from the railroad tracks where Allen was killed, said that from inside his home, he saw Bobby Messersmith shoot a weapon. He also recalls Gladfelter was at the scene that night.

"I seen (Bobby Messersmith) come out on the street and fire a shot. But you couldn't tell who shot who. There were at least 200 kids on the street plus adults. And 90 percent of them were armed," said Myers, who testified before the investigative grand jury that probed the Allen murder and also at a pretrial hearing in the case.

Some of those subpoenaed, like Steve Noonan, expressed doubt they would ever have to appear in court.

Noonan said he came through Newberry Street on his way home from football practice just before Allen was shot. He dropped to his stomach upon hearing shots but didn't see the murder.

"I was a dumb 18-year-old kid. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time -- I probably shouldn't have been there," he said.

Ex-gang member, too: Gary Holtzapple, a former Yorklyn gang member now living in Dover, said he was in the area the night Allen was shot, as well as the night before. In addition to the prosecution subpoena, Robert Messersmith's lawyer also has told Holtzapple he might be called as a defense witness.

He said yesterday he was in Farquhar Park during the riots-week rally in which Robertson exhorted the crowd with the shout "white power!" but he declined to describe the scene.

Riots' victim: Potential witness John Washington said the years have hindered his memory of the week York City fell victim to widespread civil unrest. One of the events that inflamed the riots was when Robert Messersmith shot him in the arm a few days before Allen's murder.

Washington, now working in a factory in Fairmont, W.Va., said he still bears the scar, but couldn't add much when he was contacted by an FBI agent and West Virginia state trooper looking into the case in recent years.

"I forgot all about that, to be honest with you. It wouldn't have come back to me if they hadn't come here to question me about it," Washington said. The other black teen shot by Messersmith that day, Taka Nii Sweeney, has also been subpoenaed.

Washington said he was told by the district attorney's office he would get 24 hours' notice if he's needed in York for the trial.

'Vague memories': Greg Williams, vice chairman of the York City School Board, said he will be calling prosecutors this week to discuss his own subpoena. Williams said he has "vague memories" of watching events from his aunt's porch on South Newberry Street.

"I was really surprised when I got the subpoena. I understand some of the people that showed up on the subpoena are actually dead. I'm not dead," he said.

In addition to the prosecution subpoenas, the three defendants are expected to call witnesses of their own. Defense attorneys William Costopoulos, Harry Neff and Thomas Sponaugle did not return messages seeking comment for this article.

Staff writer Lauri Lebo contributed to this report.