First York City property owner Jeff Snyder wrote a message to crack dealers on his front window that they could sell drugs on his street, and York City Police wouldn't stop them.

"Deer Crack Dealer," the message stated. "You kin sell crack on this block and the York City Police will not stop you. They fear you. Crack Rules."

Neighbors who walked by stopped to read the sign at 32 S. Penn St. Some took pictures.

"Who writes a sign like that and then puts crack rules?" said Lajadah Freeland, 15, of York. "Do you know what crack does to you?"

Then sometime Tuesday night, someone threw a brick through Snyder's window, and he reported it to police. But the message went right back up in the empty window space -- this time scrawled in spray paint on plywood.

"Deer Crack Dealer," the sign now states, "You kin sell crack on this block and York Police will not stop you."

Frustration: The sign has gotten the attention of York City Police, who say they share Snyder's frustration with ongoing crime in the neighborhood, but are doing their best to stop it.

York City Police Commissioner Mark Whitman said the department has tried to make contact with Snyder about the sign that is now in his broken window, but have been unable to reach him.

Repeated efforts by The York Dispatch to reach Snyder this week have also been unsuccessful.

Whitman said city police have been working "diligently" to crack down on
drug dealing and prostitutes in the area of Penn and Market streets -- and police are about to beef up their efforts even more with the addition of seven west-end officers this spring.


"The neighborhood has some particular problems and we're working on that," Whitman said.

Whitman said police have conducted drug sweeps and prostitution sweeps in the area, including several prostitution arrests made Wednesday. Citywide, Whitman said the York City Narcotics Unit, working with state police, conducted more than 200 search warrants in 2008 -- doubling the number from 2007.

So putting a sign in a window without talking to police "serves no purpose," Whitman said. "We'd love to sit and chat with him," Whitman said. "He's frustrated ... and so are we."

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