Though York County's curfew task force is no longer urging municipalities to adopt a daytime curfew, the boroughs of North York and West York are pressing on with the idea.

A daytime curfew is part of broader curfew changes approved by West York on Monday, said borough council president Shawn Mauck. The council voted 5-1 to approve the ordinance, with councilwoman Nancy Laird against it and Thomas Larkin absent, Mauck said.

Though North York initially left the daytime provision out of proposed curfew changes, the borough council is looking at adding it to the final version, said borough manger Kevin Hevner. The council will vote on the overall changes April 7.

The daytime curfew would require those under 18 to stay out of public places while school is in session unless they have their school's permission. Homeschooled children would need permission from a parent or guardian.

Mauck described West York's new daytime curfew as a sort of pilot program for the county. Though the ordinance is similar to the state's truancy code, he said it will make it easier for borough police officers to take action.

"We do believe it adds benefit to our school district and keeps kids safe," Mauck said.

Hevner said North York borough council members have become aware of the number of youth incidents that happen when children are supposed to be in school.


The daytime curfew is being recommended by Chief Carl Segatti of Northern York County Regional Police, Hevner said.

"I hope it's not perceived that we're trying to one-up the city," Hevner said. "It's just that we perceive a need."

Enforcement question: Earlier this month, York County Sheriff Sgt. Brian Copenheaver said the curfew task force dropped its daytime curfew recommendation because it does not have the backing of York County District Attorney Stan Rebert. Because Rebert would be the one to prosecute any appeals of the ordinance, his lack of support could make a daytime curfew more difficult to enforce.

The city dropped a daytime curfew proposal from the curfew overhaul the city council approved on Tuesday. City councilwoman Toni Smith, who proposed the change, said she did not want the bill to be a controversial one.

The city could consider adding a daytime curfew later, Smith said Tuesday.

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